​​​Glenn Zumwalt


photographer extraordinaire

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This site is dedicated in Memory of Glenn Zumwalt whose photography was his passion:

Glenn Zumwalt Fotografy
Nature, Travel and Wildlife Fotografy

This site is a collection of Glenn's beautiful work.  Please enjoy viewing the photographs.  

They are not for sale and are all copyrighted.  I appreciate your honesty in not using these outside of this site.


Glenn first got involved in photography when his uncle, a freelance writer and photographer, taught him to develop and print film while he was in grade school.  The magic of seeing an image form on a blank piece of paper had him hooked the first time it happened.

That magic continued throughout his lifetime and through his work.  He used Nikon equipment which has now been dispersed to others who will enjoy his passion and love of photography.  Glenn's photography studio has now been turned into new craft and business ventures, however his spirit remains as his many works are displayed on the walls.

Glenn first thought of photography as a profession while he was on active duty in the Navy.  As an illustrator and graphic designer attached to an admiral's staff, he worked closely with the shipboard photography department personnel producing staff publications and briefing materials.  Glenn had a varied background in photography.  He was experienced in Publicity and Public Relations work for theatrical groups, architectural and construction progress photography, portraiture (over 12,000 families & individual settings), travel, landscape, and natural history.

Glenn Zumwalt, was a native of the Golden State having been born in Los Angeles, CA.  He was proud to serve as the Exalted Ruler of the Concord Elks Lodge in 2014-2015.  Glenn enjoyed jazz music and played the clarinet, guitar, trumpet, saxophone, and keyboard.  He was an Amateur Radio operator holding his Extra class license, KJ6EN and was thrilled when he made world wide contacts.  He loved to travel and was blessed to be a world traveler from which he produced much of his work on this site.